Verizon Online Album

Verizon Wireless offers a variety of Internet services including website hosting, online security, high speed broadband, cellular data and it also offers the Verizon Online Album service, also called Pix Place.

The possibility of taking pictures, saving them in a drawer and viewing them after a period of time has always been one of the things that make life enjoyable and memorable. Having to store a lot of albums in your drawers around the house is a thing of the 20th century and things have changed a lot since the Internet has gone viral.

Verizon Online Album

Using the service is totally free. Features include the possibility to upload pictures from your mobile device directly on to the cloud. Photos are not the only ones who get the chance to be shown, videos can be also uploaded and seen by friends and family.


Verizon Online Album changes sharing options


Your content’s safety is the main concern for Verizon. Up to 75 photos and videos can be saved using the service and can be accessed from any PC or Mac using a secure https connection. If you are not satisfied with your photos or videos, editing can be done directly from the Pix Place application. Things like adjusting brightness, cropping, focusing and other basic editing tools are available for you freely.

The future of online photo and video sharing is expanded using the Pix Place which offers easy upload services wherever you have a 3G signal or Wi-Fi hotspot. A data plan with a high amount of traffic may be required for the service since photos and especially videos use a lot of bandwidth in the process. The ordeal of taking lots of pictures, printing them and organizing them into albums is over. Using a cellular subscription gives you access to easy sharing with your relatives. Albums can be made with a touch of a button, available almost instantly for viewing.


Verizon Online Album final thoughts


Why wait to arrive home to share the joy you are having on your vacation? Simply upload them to the Verizon Online Album and show them to your friends instantly so they can feel they are close to you, or simply feel the happiness you are experiencing indirectly.